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Why own IT?  Why manage IT?  Why support IT?  Why bother with IT?

These are the key questions facing business owners and directors. You wouldn’t contemplate running a

business without technology these days, but o you need to own it? If you own it, you need to manage it,

maintain and upgrade it. If you don’t own it, do you really have control of your data , your system, your business?

It’s a continuing judgmental call.

Considering these issues is often what leads your clients to embark on their Cloud journey. While some worry

that a Cloud strategy can be risky, possibly reducing control and visibility, increasingly they are coming to

acknowledge that when it comes to reducing costs and delivering higher levels of control to the business,

the Cloud is the best option.

The “IT as a utility” model shows how the risk is reduced. With the data security and management facilities

available within the Cloud, lack of ownership doesn’t ever have to mean lack of control. And far from

limiting visibility, the Cloud approach can actually enhance end to end visibility across your business data

operations and performance, which in turn can help you improve customer service and quality at minimal


So when you’re asking yourself the “ Why own IT” questions, the bigger question, we believe, is why would

anyone want the responsibility of running a non-core service in-house for something that they will struggle

to manage, update and control? The Cloud is your answer.  

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