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Proactive systems monitoring - minimising downtime, maximising your IT availability

to help increase your company’s productivity and business performance

Using the industry leading network monitoring tools Solarwinds, the Emerging Technology’s support services

team is continuously focused on keeping your system available and operating at peak efficiency.

Industry leading monitoring tools

Proactive network management through Solarwinds gives us a regular report from devices on your systems

to verify that each one is working exactly as it should be.

Checking the key indicators of device failure or potential problems

We monitor all your infrastructure and networking devices, including servers, routers, desktops, firewall and

switches, checking for hardware failure or signs that a hardware failure may be imminent. Among many

potential issues, our software looks for low disk space, anti-virus services that have not updated properly,

data backup that may not have been successful and any core services that have stopped running.

Proactive and preventive action

When a problem or potential threat is identified, we can take immediate action to resolve or prevent it,

meaning we can minimise or even eliminate downtime. While much of the monitoring carried out is

automated, our team carries daily checks of the event log in person, giving our clients full confidence in the quality

of network monitoring.

Our software is configured to fix these issues automatically where possible: core service will be re-started,

updates will be installed and patches applied. Where appropriate, we will log in to your system to make

changes, or arrange to come to your site as required.

Assessing the performance of your system from monitoring data

As part of the open Emerging Technology’s services philosophy, you receive regular management reporting on

the results of our continuous system monitoring, We review the findings with you and asses any implications

for changes or enhancements to your IT infrastructure to maintain your required level of availability and

performance. If system upgrades are indicated, we will plan these with you, depending on whether they can

be done remotely or requires an on-site visit. .

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