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Service transition from Emerging Technology - minimising risk and disruption to your business

with pragmatic project management to deliver smooth transition to your new or upgraded


With years of experience of successful system installations and upgrades in organisation of all sizes across

different industry sectors, we know that success is predicted on detailed transition planing, incorporating

extensive communications and strong, pragmatic project management. The Emerging Technology’s team has

planned, managed and delivered hundreds of low-risk transition and on boarding programmes, from the

smallest device installation to multi-site, complex systems integration and infrastructure projects.   

Defining ownership and responsibilities

The first step in successful service delivery is to make sure everyone understands

  1.   The solutions to be delivered and how it will meet your business requirements

  2.   The respective responsibilities and accountabilities  for your IT estate - defining and agreeing the areas

     you may want to retain in-house and those we will host and manage for you.

  1.   Your expectations for the service and support we will be providing.

Transition planning

The primary purpose of transition planning is to establish the framework for a secure and smooth transfer to

the new or  upgraded services or location.

Whether we are supporting or complementing your in-house IT team, or taking on the outsourced

management of your IT services, we have a structured, proven roadmap for transition based on ITIL Service

Transition principles.  That way you can have confidence that Emerging Technology’s team operates in accordance

with repeatable, transferable, best practice industry standards.

We work with you to plan a complete activity schedule working up to the cutover or start date. This includes

  1. Timeframes and individual responsibilities

  2. Delivery and installation plan

  3. Liaison with third party providers

  4. Amending or closing down maintenance and service contracts for products and services being replaced

    or removed

  1. User and system testing

  2. Acceptance criteria

  3. Support for existing and continuing systems

  4. Contingency planning

  5. Establishing or amending service level agreements as appropriate, with key performance indicators


Transition planning may also include site and IT audit if these have not been carried out during the earlier

specification and procurement phases.

Communications planning

Our guiding principles for communications in transition programmes are:

  1. Involve all stake holders and everyone effected by the service changes, including third party suppliers.

  2. Deliver clear, unambiguous communications from day one.

  3. Respect individual sensitivities and concerns, particularly when client staff are learning new applications or

    taking on new roles. 

Setting the service standards

Emerging Technology’s transition services demonstrates to client the depth and breadth of our experience

and the overall quality of our services, setting the standard for the continuing support and maintenance service

we provide.


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