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System security, network security, data security - Emerging Technology’s advanced IT  

security services help help protect your system from physical damage or unauthorised access, 

maintain the integrity of your data and applications, safeguard your intellectual property and   

reduce overall risk to your business.

  Advances in technology and communication have been enormously beneficial to businesses in opening up

  new global markets and speeding up the sales cycle for products and services. The downside is that they also

  bring an increased risk to your business operations and data protection.

The growing threat form increasingly sophisticated hackers and developers of damaging computer code

[malware] is exacerbated by increasing Internet use across all companies. You need that enhanced access but

we know this brings with it a greater need for you to protect your data and your applications.

As an experienced IT service provider with clients across a range of professions including legal and accounting

organisations, at Emerging Technology we understand the importance of protecting your IT systems, networks

and data. Over the years, working with a range of selected IT partners who specialise in security applications,

we have developed a tried and tested portfolio of security services and products to cover all aspects of our

clients IT requirements and services. These links with IT partners also mean we keep to date with advances,

trends and new development in the IT security and data protection so that we can advise our clients and update

their systems accordingly.

IT security policy development

Our specialist work with you to identify and mitigate the security risks across your IT infrastructure, from the

user desktop through mobile or field based communications to your servers, third party applications, back-up

and data recovery protocols. To create the right IT security policy and procedures for you will also entail

reviewing your data uses and users particularly where you access or store your customers data as well as

your own.

The IT security policy would also include tailored policies and procedures for user permissions, including

the validation requirement  for new users.

Device, desktop and connectivity security

  A particular focus on individual device security , including firewalls, anti-virus protection, application permissions

and users permissions. As a vendor neutral company, we constantly assess the market leading providers of

security applications, testing and reviewing on our own infrastructure so that we cam recommend the most

appropriate products to own clients.

Through our hosted systems we can provide secure access procedures for network and applications, with

multi layered sign-ins and filters can be managed centrally. We can put in place regular password change

prompts and adjust permissions and authorisation levels as required at the application or network level.

Similarly, as people leave we can make sure key access is removed across all your systems.

Flexible, customised services tailored to your business

Our services can be delivered as one-off projects os as regular monitoring and verification routines. These

includes an initial audit to help you develop your IT security policy and procedures and regular reviews as needed

to assess how well your security protocols are protecting your operations, your devices and your data.

Additional security related such as data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity are also covered in more

detail on our site. The specialist at Emerging Technology can advise on any aspect of your IT security on

confidential basis, with no obligation.

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