delivering solutions and services based on your needs, not ours


Using, recommending and introducing the highest quality enterprise monitoring tools -

industry leading tools for system monitoring and tracking, giving you complete transparency

and visibility over your IT infrastructure and services.

The Emerging Technology team has carried out rigorous assessment and testing enterprise, system support and 

monitoring tools across our system and network infrastructure. As a result, we can introduce our clients to a

range of reliable, proven industry leading tools. You can use them directly or we can use them for you to give

you detailed information about your system performance.

“ You see what we see” - with our monitoring and reporting tools, Emerging Technology clients know they have

complete transparency and visibility into their IT infrastructure, network and operations.   

This long established focus on open, industry leading tools means a seamless move from in-house IT support

to remote support and monitoring. This enables proactive fault identification, resolution  and preventative


Two of the key tools we use are:

Network Able

Emerging Technology provides Network Able server monitoring software  to access, monitor, protect, alert and

report on server, workstation and devices as well as network performance.

Network Able services are designed to help reduce IT cost and increase productivity providing 24x7 network

monitoring, improving network and system performance and providing facilities for asset management.

Critical server alerts are configured to raise a service ticket in our ConnectET system.


ConnectET services are tailored for IT support and services management with service ticket tracking,

workflow management, real-time resource allocation, problem escalation and automated status update notification.

Priorities can be assigned according to service Level Agreement details and can also be updated manually

as business needs change. ConnectET provides facilities for documenting processes, providing an audit trail

and enhancing visivility to fault and query reporting.

We provide access to ConnectET portal for clients to monitor service queries and resolution action. Your

authorised staff can review and manage outstanding support ticket at all times

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