delivering solutions and services based on your needs, not ours


As one our Managed Services clients says, any distraction that prevents their staff from    

delivering to customer and prospects costs money.

That’s why they wanted their people focused on client work, not on worrying about their IT. And it’s why they              

come to Emerging Technology for a full managed service solution.

IT ROI driving your business performance

Our clients need their IT and business support to function smoothly during their working hours, without

unnecessary downtime, optimising productivity tools and major communications services such as email

and conferencing. Giving the best on our IT investment is central to enhancing your business performance.

Therefore the choice of your IT partner is of paramount importance, making sure that you and your

management team can get on with running the business, while we run your IT.

Flexible, scalable, proactive, reliable services, high availability, high quality

Emerging Technology’s managed services are flexible, scalable, fully inclusive, proactive IT support for all

aspects of your IT infrastructure, networking and applications including servers, desktop and mobile devices,        

with 24x7 availability, on-site and off-site support, who staffed remote management monitoring and fault 

resolutions, system and data back-up, full security, all system and applications upgrades and leading edge

disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements.

Expert service and help desk

With Emerging Technology services, you also have the confidence that our Service Desk is manned by real

people who are working with our clients all the time - people who understand your business and your IT and

can either resolve your query or quickly find you the specialist who can.

Reducing your IT staffing cost

With our managed services, a major benefit is that you can have as much or as little involvement as you wish.

Our specialist team can work in conjunction with your IT staff including training your people or we can deliver

you a complete outsourced solution so that you don’t carry the staffing cost at all. And your can flex that

arrangement at any time as your business strategy changes, with full confidence that your IT services and

support will be maintained at all levels you need throughout any business or staffing changes. Moreover, when

it comes to change management, with our locally based data centres we also offer a full range of collocation

services, including ad-hoc arrangements to support you through short term business demand management,

key projects and application testing.

A Emerging Technology’s managed service solution will cost less than your current IT salary bill and provide

direct access to our experienced, specialist experts across all IT disciplines. It is also an effective way to save

money if you are considering increasing IT staff to carry out strategic IT projects. We will deliver the resources

to cover day to day requirements at less that the cost of a full time employee.

Economics of scale - the benefits to you

Across every aspect of IT infrastructure and service management, the economics of scale we can achieve

from the infrastructure we have in place means that Emerging Technology’s managed services offer the

most cost effective IT support solutions for your business.

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