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Emerging Technology’s comprehensive maintenance services are designed to keep

your IT system working at peak efficiency, maximising availability and minimising any

impact on your users from devices or services failing.

Our service engineers are fully trained, experienced experts who understand not just your IT but your business,

so they know how you will be using your IT system and services.

Through all our maintenance services and activities, we will highlight to you any areas of the IT infrastructure

where we see single points of failure which might cause of a loss of service or impact to business continuity.

We will provide options to resolve these issues, with clear recommendations as to the way forward.

From individual one off projects to transitions and office moves, system and network upgrades, from proactive

preventative maintenance to routine scheduled support, from emergency repairs and restarts to disaster recovery,

the Emerging Technology’s maintenance team delivers to the highest standards of customer services.

Proactive maintenance

Our proactive maintenance activities are tied closely to your system monitoring service.

When imminent or potential failures are detected, we arrange for proactive work to avert

problems and to maintain your supported systems at optimum availability and operational

levels. Some of the activities we carry out as proactive maintenance include:

  1.   Server performance and disk space review

  2. Checking communication devices, such as firewalls, routers and switches

  3. Checking database, applications and operating systems, including SQL, Exchange and IIS

  4. Anti-virus updates

  5. Anti-spam software updates

  6. Server operating system updates

  7. UPS equipments

  8. Disk and Exchange Defragmentation

  9. Firmware upgrade on hardware

Break Fix

While system monitoring and proactive maintenance services will go a long way towards reducing the incidence

of system and network problems, no support operation would be complete without a reliable, expert

Break-Fix services. When you need it, our team is always contactable via our 24x7 Service Desk and will be

there to respond.

Our Break-Fix service includes sourcing spared and replacing parts covered under warranty and returning

them to full operational state. Where parts are needed that are not covered under warranty, we will obtain

competitive pricing quotes for you through our Procurement service and can arrange to purchase and install

the parts for you.

We can also arrange for extensions to warranties for any of your systems or devices that do not have current


To minimise the need for on-site Break-Fix, whenever possible we configure your devices for remote monitoring

and fault resolutions. For simpler, less critical devices which cannot be configured for remote monitoring,

a Break-Fix service may be the only level of infrastructure management required.

Whatever type of devices, network or hardware you are working with, the Emerging Technology team has the

skills and experience to support ad maintain them, in conjunction with your supplier partners where needed.

We invest in continually in upgrading our own infrastructure and network to make sure we are working with

and familiar with the devices and networks that our clients rely on for their business operation and communications.

Patch management

We work with you as part of setting up your services to define a patch management policy and procedures

tailored closely to your business and user requirements. As part of agreeing policy, we discuss the following:

  1. Security Patches: all security patches are fully tested in our environment before being released to any clients.

  2. ‘Feature’ patches: We don’t simply auto install ‘feature’ patches from manufactures upon release. If  these

    are relevant and appropriate to your business, we will arrange to install for you and will review any user training

    or date implications beforehand.

  1. Patch installing timing: where any patch installation is non intrusive and can be installed during working hours

   with no risk of failure or any disruption to your users, we would do that. Otherwise, we arrange to install

    outside working hours.

  1. Firmware upgrades and application patches: again we discuss with you the requirement for 

     there patches and the most appropriate timing to minimise risk and disruption

Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance can incorporate remote and onsite activities. Wherever the work is being carried out,

we plan the timing with you to minimise risk and disruption. Any changes and updates made to your

infrastructure and applications are carried out in accordance with our fully documented Change Management

Process and will be logged and recorded for you as part of the agreed management reporting set up for your         


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