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In house vs outsourcing: for the fast growing companies, the range of options, support and 

expertise is greater than ever before, the benefits clearer, the costs easier to justify and the

risk lower.


The type of fast growing, mid market and SME businesses that we work with face a real challenge: for any

organisation with less than 100 employees, it is difficult to justify the cost of a full time IT department. Yet

the importance of an IT strategy aligned to the business plan has increased exponentially with the realisation that IT

is the key enabler to business growth. As the need for Board level IT representation grows, so does the

challenge of delivering cost effective IT support with in-house resources.

Meeting the strategic and skills demands for the future

Many IT Directors are long standing employees who have progressed to senior status through long service and

loyalty. They may not have the strategic skill required to align your IT strategy properly and effectively to your

business plan, but their knowledge of your IT environment is key to your business strategy.

Similarly, an IT team of this size is unlikely to have the breath of skills needed to manage today’s complex

network and application infrastructures. It is also likely that the in-house application development team

are fulfilling multiple support roles outside their own skill set. This can lead to a reliance on short term fixes that can

prove more expansive in the longer term.

We believe that carrying the expense of full time in-house IT staff is not the best approach. Best practice in

these environment means accessing the highest quality skills as the required in the most cost effective

and efficient manner from strategic direction to network support. That means supporting the IT director with those

skills, not necessarily trying to keep all those skills available and up to date with an in-house team.

The challenge of continuing investment

  Businesses that focus only on in-house IT services have little choices but to continue investing in new IT to keep

up with growing business requirement and to manage product obsolescence. That also means additional costs

in training to keep IT staff skills updated. Training, however, is often the first priority for cost cutting when

economies are sought. Many businesses think the answer is to take on more third party service and support

contracts, whereas this just adds further risk and cost to the organisation.

The value of IT to your business

What does this all mean for your business? Quite simply that for a company’s IT functions to meet its

requirement to be up to speed on both the business strategy and latest technologies, while supporting users

efficiently, outsourcing some or all aspects of IT is a primary consideration. And the Emerging Technology

consulting team is increasingly tailoring outsourcing solutions to deliver significant added value to our clients.

Whether we are working with an existing IT support department to supplement the skills available or providing

the skills and services directly, our common goal is to and for our clients to have access to the technology and

support that meets their business objectives cost effectively and efficiently.

Working with Emerging Technology- making your IT add value to your business

From online data backup to first line IT support, individual IT projects delivering applications that can help the

business growth, to long term managed services solutions, Emerging Technology outsourcing services allows

you to take a strategic approach to IT, ensuring your technology is not an impediment to growing your business,

but an enabler.

Where we add greatest value is in helping you identify where IT outsourcing can best help your business,

balancing the requirement, costs, risk and acting as the trusted advisor and objective independent experts

now and for the long term.

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