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From data room to Board room: expert IT Consultancy services from the

Emerging Technology’s business IT professionals help you develop your IT strategy to

meet your business needs

Emerging Technology is a consulting led business , run by business people for business people, with expert

consulting services that have been refined and enhanced over a decade.

Our start point is that IT has moved out of date room and into the Board room: gone are the days when discussion

about IT was just about technical repairs and risk. Modern fast growth businesses use IT as a key enabler to

effective business performance. That’s where Emerging Technology’s consulting comes in - with the advice,

guidance and recommendations to help answer the key question: how can technology help you achieve what you

want for your business ?

How IT strategies have developed in recent years

Our consulting services are designed to help you align your IT strategy to your business strategy.

IT is now so well embedded in the process of growing businesses that simply keeping IT system up and running

can no longer be viewed as an effective strategy. At various stages of an organisation’s development,

situations will arise where the need for new and innovative technology is not necessary to support the business but

is imperative for future success. At these junctures, only a complete change in the IT strategy - from outsourcing

elements of the support function to exploring the potential of employing an in-house IT Director - will ensure that

effective IT maintains and promotes corporate growth.

Optimising your investment and returns

Of course we recognise that IT can require significant investment. Where you have already made substantial

investment in your infrastructure and services, we will audit what you have, assess how how well it meets your

needs and help you understand how to maximise the returns. When it comes to planning for the future, we help

you integrate technology advances into your IT infrastructure and network in a cost effective manner that

maintains and protects your date and system.

If your investment plan include acquiring another business, you will need to assess what you are buying in

terms of IT. Again our audit service comes into play and, combined with our IT budget planning and consultancy

services, will help you improve visibility and management of your IT expenditures.

Technology research - helping you stay ahead of the technology curve - as our name suggest

The Emerging Technology research team keeps abreast of the latest hardware and software solutions so that

we are always recommending and implementing the most cost effective and business appropriate IT systems

and applications. Where you need bespoke solutions or specific customisation of application, we are able to

offer this research capability as a service to our clients.

From start-up to growth and beyond

Consulting services aren’t just about one-off advisory sessions or projects. With Emerging Technology, our

consulting team is part of our overall client support service, working closely with clients as their businesses and

IT networks evolve - and helping to shape our own business and IT services strategy and portfolio.

Our consulting services takes you through business as usual reviews, growth and expansion plans, new market

entry, relocation, acquisition, assessing the considerations for change and upgrade projects, resource planning,

skills enhancements and all types of ad-hoc business concerns.

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