delivering solutions and services based on your needs, not ours


At Emerging Technology, we were early adopters of Cloud solutions and have made 

significant investment in infrastructure, applications, resources and training to take account of 

the technology changes.

With experience of delivering leading edge Cloud services for small to mid-size organisations, we have gained

valuable knowledge, insights and learning that have enable us to develop a highly agile Cloud platform to

lead the market.

From this in-depth experience, we recognise the concerns business owners have when they contemplate

moving their business system and applications into the Cloud. We know the importance for you of choosing

the right partner for this journey. With our transparent reporting and self management technologies, the

Emerging Technology’s team build trust and confidence for our clients and we can advise and guide you


In most cases it is beneficial to work with a single Cloud provider, but we appreciate that every business is unique.

So there may be situations where a competitive Cloud solution makes more sense. If that’s the best option

for your business, we will act as Cloud broker, identifying the most appropriate Cloud solution for you,

through our carefully selected technology partners and continuing to manage the relationship on your behalf. t

Contact us today to find out more about the Emerging Technology’s Cloud strategy and how it can benefit your


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