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Our Cloud Desktop solutions give you all the benefits of consistency in presenting the

Windows Desktop that users know and are familiar with hosted in a secure scalable

environment that can be delivered at any desktop or tablet device.

With the additional benefits that the desktop presentation can be configured, amended and managed centrally,

you can have confidence that your users see the set of applications regardless of the device or locations they

sign in from.

The Emerging Technology Cloud Desktop enables access to a full range of business applications. The list of

current applications can be viewed here. As this list of available applications grows all the time, if there are any

applications you need that you do not see listed, simply ask! If you have any queries about any applications or

whether we can deliver it to the Desktop for you, the Emerging Technology’s team is always happy to advise.

Contact us today to find out more about the Emerging Technology’s Cloud strategy and how it can benefit your



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