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A dedicated expert team to assist you with effective procurement and comprehensive asset 


The  Emerging Technology dedicated asset management and procurement team is here to make sure you

are buying and managing the right products for your business, at competitive prices and with the appropriate

warranties, licence and support.


Whether you are looking to buy new, to upgrade equipment or software or to replace obsolete or end of life

equipment, we can help you identify the most suitable products, compare and assess specifications and

obtain the most competitive prices. We can then install, commission and implement the products for you as

needed, to ensure compatibility and minimise disruption to your existing network, applications and services.

Depending on how you like to work, we can either manage the whole process for you or provide advice, guidance

and support to your procurement team along the way.

We also offer a range of options to lease infrastructure and desktop with cyclical renewals.

Device, Infrastructure and Software Asset Management

  All these services starts with an audit of the equipment/applications covered. We log and asset tag each item

and record all details in our service management system, including status, primary user details and warranty

expiry dates. With this information we can help you with life cycle planning and cost effective upgrades

and replacement strategies. The audit can cover asset ranging from servers, PCs and laptops to mobile phones

and other devices that are part of your corporate fixed assets.

Depending on your requirements, we can manage your vendor relationship for warranty and other repairs and

manage all aspects of your equipment and software licensing and support arrangements.

Emerging Technology asset management and procurement services give you confidence

and control, with comprehensive reporting and expert guidance and support.

Contact us today for confidential discussion about improving and enhancing your purchasing and asset 


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