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Finding you the right applications and the right development partners

From CRM and sales planning to document management, intranet management, operations and financial

management, there is a wealth of off the shelf business applications available and tailored to all different

industry sectors. That means there is usually no need to start from scratch developing your own, with all the

attended cost, time and resources implications. But implementing the wrong package can be  costly and time

consuming too, so it is important to choose the right applications for your business.

With our long experience of supporting clients across most industry sectors, and established links to expert

application developers, the Emerging Technology team is well versed in helping our customers identify the

software and applications that will directly support and enhance their business operations.

We take the time to understand your company , your business growth plans, your sales and marketing strategy

and of course we understand the details of your IT infrastructure and networks. With the detailed insight,

and access we have across database of industry and business applications including links to the IBM Independent

Software Vendors (ISV) programme, we can minimise the cost, time, effort and risk involved in identifying the

the most appropriate applications to help drive your business performance. We can also help to scope your

requirement and therefore make sure you obtain the most competitive pricing based on your actual needs,

including scaling for your planned growth.

If you do have bespoke requirements, either as add-ons or customisations to third party applications, our team can

identify the most appropriate developers for you or work with our own third party developers to make sure the

resulting applications meet your business needs.

Moreover, through our Cloud services and our high specs, high availability data centres and extensive collocations

facilities, we can provide applications testing environments enabling you to minimise the risk of disruption to

your business as you test and transition to new applications.

If you have any queries about any applications or whether we can deliver it to the Desktop for you, the

Emerging Technology teams is always happy to advise.

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